New to the stock market and learning the ropes? This section aims to help new investors navigate their way around the market. Tutorials feature real life examples.

Back to Basics
-  Information on a Company Screen
What is a Stock Market Index?
-  Market Cap vs. Enterprise Value

Case Studies
-  Walkthrough an Acquisition: Cove Energy
Verified AIM Fraud: Langbar International
Exchange Rate Risk: Mobile Streams

Fundamental Analysis
Nano Caps: When to Expect a Placing
Small Cap Risks: Customer Dependency
Small Cap Risks: Large Shareholders
Small Cap Risks: Exchange Rates

Accounting Knowledge
Constructing Financial Accounts
-  Constructing (More) Financial Accounts
Assessing a Company's Balance Sheet
-  Understanding a Company's Income Statement
Indirectly Constructing a Cash Flow Statement
Quick Cash Flow Analysis

Revenue Recognition Policies
What are Dividends?

5 Core Profitability Ratios
3 Efficiency and Liquidity Ratios
4 Financial Stability Ratios

The Price-Earnings Ratio
The PEG Ratio

What is a Pension Deficit?
What is Operational Gearing?
Depreciation and Amortisation

Equity on the Balance Sheet
Equity Components: What do they Reveal?
What is the purpose of Goodwill?

Earnings Per Share (EPS)
What's an Impairment?
What are Minority Interests?
Development Costs: Expensing vs. Capitalising
Technical Analysis
-  Identifying and Using Trends
Support and Resistance Levels
The RSI and MACD Indicators
What are Chart Gaps?

Head & Shoulders Pattern
Flag, Pennant and Wedge Patterns
Double Tops/Bottoms and Triangle Patterns
Be Wary of False Breakouts
Basing and Rebounds

Corporate News Events
What are Director Options?
-  Director Buys - How useful are they?

Assessing a Placing
What is a Rights Issue?
What is a Convertible Loan Note?

Understanding the Market
LSE Closing Auction - How it works
Intro to IPO Screening: The Basics
Intro to IPO Screening: Risk Assessment
Intro to IPO Screening: Company Financials

The Retail Investor Advantage: Position Agility
-  Thematic Investing Through Trusts
-  Corporate Takeover Defences

Sector Specific Information
-  Evaluating a Mining Deposit: Resource Overview
Mining Deposit: Economic Study Key Numbers
Common Junior Miner Pitfalls
Understanding Mining Sector Costs