2015 Share Competition

Can you outperform the majority of other investors and rank highly in the 2015 Share Competition?
Entry is simple; pick one London Stock Exchange listed stock that you believe has the most upside potential over the course of 2015 and email your pick to theel1tetrader@outlook.com, using the site's contact form, or via twitter where your simply need to tweet across your entry. You must email both a Display Name and Your Pick, and once verified as adhering to the RULES they will be added to the table below. ENTRY NOW CLOSED

An updated list can be found throughout the year in a new tab visible at the top of the site

Other Rules

- For an entry to be valid, it must be received by 16:35GMT on Wednesday 31st December. ENTRY NOW CLOSED

- Price appreciation will be the method of comparison

- The Ask Price will be used for the start price; the Bid Price will be used for subsequent updates and the final end-of-year price. Where it is possible to purchase within the defined spread, the last trade price will be used where appropriate

- The table will be updated at the end of each month with ranks updated and rank changes shown

- There are no prizes aside from the kudos of outperforming peers; the most significant gaining participants for a particular period plus the overall leaders will be briefly covered in the site's Quarterly Portfolio Reviews

- The 'Random Choices' basket represents the average performance obtained should 5 randomly chosen stocks from across the London Stock Exchange have been invested in at the start of the year. These randomly chosen stocks are Optos (LSE:OPTS), United Utilities (LSE:UU), Mar City (LSE:MAR), Harvey Nash Group (LSE:HVN) and Greencore Group (LSE:GNC)

- Should a share be suspended or delisted, an appropriate method of valuation for the shares will be used to be determined at my discretion. If a company is taken over or merges with another company for cash, the cash value per share will be the final price. If taken over for equity, the cash equivalent of the equity will be used for the final price, as appropriate

- Company choices must be unique, so choices already entered into the table cannot be chosen in another entry. However, choices from within the 'Random Choices' basket may be used

- If a company undertakes a stock split or rights issue, the share price will be adjusted for appropriately


  1. Sounds fun :0). I have entered :0)! Close call between Vectura and Paragon

  2. This should prove to be a useful source of ideas to research. count me in and I'll enter tomorrow

  3. This should be good. I will send across my blowaway tip for 2015. 100% guarantee that it will not do what I predict it will.....
    Happy XMAS


  4. Thanks for doing this. Nothing like a bit of festive fun to see who can come out on top and provide a nice lengthy watchlist of companies to review. I will also endeavour to enter.

    Kind Regards,