General Site Update

The FTSE 100 has enjoyed another strong run-up recently helping prop up share prices across the board. Admittedly, it appears the fall to 30 on the FTSE RSI looks to have worked wonders again as I alluded to on my twitter account a few weeks back. Perhaps that is also one point to look out for in the future considering its strong reliability with the method working to lead to a rise in the FTSE on all of the last nine occasions on which it occurred since 2009. Enough of the FTSE for now. Recently I have been implementing a few changes to the site that I will briefly outline. The next company review will be released at the weekend.

New Contact Page
- The widget that was previously on the right-hand sidebar that had the contact email has now be removed and I have made a new contact page that is available via a tab on the main menu bar. The tab has an in-page emailing system which should make it easier for you to email me any queries/suggestions you may have.

- This rolling out process has taken a while, but gradually more charts are becoming available for all the London listed stocks. These will initially only be available via the right hand toolbar, quick charts button when you enter the ticker in question, but they will eventually be added to the live equity charts pages found via the 'Live Charts' tab. As always, if there is a particular company you want a chart for added sooner, then simply send me an email or leave a comment beneath an article and I can get that arranged very quickly.

If you cannot recall the ticker for the company, a equally quick way to check whether there are charts available is to use the 'Search Site' widget that is also found on the right hand sidebar. If when you type the company name and scroll down it has been added, then the page should show up there.

Once all the charts are added I will incorporate a few features that utilise these.

New Tutorials Page
- This is a new part of the site that I have introduced that is primarily focused to help new investors and that will grow over time. The 3-part technical indicator posts have been split up according into four separate posts and have been added to the tutorials page. That allows for the non-company reviews to be archived as many readers suggested.

I have a lot of ideas for what posts can be put in this section, but if you would also like to suggest a section that I could add please do so via email or via a comment. This could be a concept that is difficult to understand or a topic not directly linked to the running of many companies (e.g. how a farm-out process typically works). In any case, do note any that you want adding and whilst I cannot guarantee these will be added in the near future, I will make a list and when time permits I will add them to the page. Not all new tutorials will be posted live (i.e. you may not see an email notification or find them on the front page). This is because not all the tutorials will be as long as the company reviews and there will be an increasing quantity of them being released. Therefore, keep checking back on the Tutorials page over time.

- Please post any suggestions you have for new financial tools below. I cannot guarantee that all concepts can be created (for example, any concept that requires the streaming of financial data is not feasible since a licence is required).


  1. If you could do a tutorial On the PE ratio that would be great!!!


  2. Thanks elite, really enjoying reading what you post. Something on acquisitions would be nice but don't worry to much!

  3. On drilling an oil well

    on dividends

  4. Hi El1te,

    no requests from me yet :-) . I am wondering what your stance is on pet or when you'll close it out


    1. Unbelievable movement this morning. I have moved it from sell to neutral at 24.75p despite it being as low as 12p this morning. However, with the acquisition RNS the shares have quite a bit of momentum which has put me off waiting further. Despite a downward break of the descending triangle this morning, it is now looking to force an upward break which actually helps the bullish scenario.

      Still not convinced about the fundamentals of the company but sometimes you have to readjust to what the market is saying#

      Of course, DYOR


    2. Typo - should be 14.75p