Live Equity Charts Available

Live charts are essential when trading the markets or simply picking an entry point for a share. Consequently, the site has teamed up with globally recognised who provide market data for multiple global exchanges, to provide live, accurate charts for free. Equity charts are now being added to the site with the first of these already available through clicking the 'Live Charts' tab and then clicking 'Equities'. Currently only a small selection of shares are available - more will be brought online over the next few months. The charts are updated upon manual refresh of the web page and display live volumes also. Further information such as the stocks opening price and current bid/ask spread are displayed through clicking on any chart on the relevant company page. A search bar for charts is available on the right hand sidebar - enter the epic code and if the page has been set up, it will auto-direct. If you wish to have a set of charts for a specific company expedited, leave the name of the company in a comment at the end of this article.

Registration links for ADVFN are also provided around the charts pages - the company offers hundreds of free services (with optional purchased services) that are worth taking advantage of including:
        - Live share and currency prices
        - Stock screeners to identify future investments based upon variables which you can determine
        - Extensive interactive charts with historic data dating back to the late 20th century
        - Live news collection services for global equities
        - Highly active bulletin boards for a significant range of equities
and much more - to get started you can register via the following link:

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  1. epic - great to have some proper charts

    will sign up to advfn tonight