Investment Target Calculator

Ever wondered how much profit you will make after a specific percentage increase/at a target price, or how much a share must rise until you make a specified profit? The 'El1te Investment Target Calculator' makes this process easy and quickly allows you to calculate these whilst factoring in variables such as commission and stamp duty.

Input the relevant values where the arrows indicate in order to automatically calculate a set of variables. All figures take into account the stamp duty upon the share purchase and commission in both the buy and sell directions. Only input the commission charged for one transaction direction, not the sum of both. The first box must be completed, however, the second, third and final boxes are optional - only one of these is required to complete calculations. If you have accidentally typed into the wrong box, simply refresh the web page.

To access the page you can follow the steps below or click the URL below;

Click the 'El1te Financial Tools' button then the 'Investment Target Calculator' link