2012 FTSE and NYSE IPOs

Wandisco, Utilitywise and Snoozebox. Three companies that have listed on the London Stock Exchange since the start of 2012 and which you have probably not heard of. IPOs always manage to sneak under the radar, yet due to their illiquid nature they hold potential for large share price swings up or down. This short article seeks to address the performance of the NYSE and FTSE IPOs for 2012. Has 2012 been a good year to list on the major Western stock markets so far?

To compile this information I simply took the share price data for the first closing day of trade and the last current price as of 05/09/2012. Through this a percentage change over the period could be calculated. The summary contains 78 companies, 34 listed on the LSE and the remained on the NYSE. Please note this summary does not cover companies listed under the NASDAQ.

Whilst the excel file I've linked to below has all the details, there are a few points of significance:
  • Top three LSE IPO risers: Edge Resources (LSE:EDG), Lead All Investments (LSE:LEAL), Sacoven (LSE:SCN). These are up 74%, 64% and 47% respectively since their listing
  • Top three LSE IPO fallers: Rialto Energy (LSE:RIA), Mercom Oil Sands (LSE:MMO), Bullabulling Gold (LSE:BGL). These are down 70%, 64% and 51% in that order
  • Over £256m has been raised on the LSE through IPO's so far in 2012
  • Mean change of LSE IPOs = -0.93%
  • Top three NYSE IPO risers: Northern Tier Energy (NYSE:NTI), WageWorks (NYSE:WAGE), ServiceNow (NYSE:NOW). These are up 41%, 40% and 39%
  • Top three NYSE IPO fallers: Midstates Petroleum (NYSE:MPO), GSE Holdings (NYSE:GSE), Allison Transmission Holdings (NYSE:ALSN)
  • Mean change of NYSE IPOs  = +2.62%
  • Overall mean change = +1.07%
  • Overall median change = +4.75%
Thus from the above you can derive that actually there are very large potential profits, equally there are huge losses. Holding a selection of shares that will soon be listed does not seem very profitable though with the statistical mean showing very little return.

Last off, a copy of the excel file containing all the share price change data and a list of all notable IPOs for the concerned indexes is available below via the URL. This has information of the changes for each of the individual shares.


Picture courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net