Petroneft - Flying High

Petroneft has had an excellent week following its operations update on Monday when i first blogged about it potentially leaving a long downward channel. Its safe to say that it now has and has started an upward trend. For Monday's article, visit the following:

This article is a follow-on from the below posts. For full context and information, read these articles first:

Since highlighting PTR at the start of the week its set day on day rises from 6.65p before finishing up today at 9.00p representing a tidy 35.3% profit.

This is unlikely to be a long-lived rise, and whilst a typical large-rise style retrace will occur - the update on Monday has certainly caught investors' interests.

Best of luck to all holders. Hopefully this will be the first rise of many for the blog.

My next article will be completed tomorrow - However, i have not yet chosen a company. Please submit your requests in a comment below - I will randomly choose one.

Have a good weekend.



  1. Thank you very much!! I bought in at 6.85p once i had researched and am very happy!

    I'd like a review on MATD


  2. thumbsup. FXPO

  3. Red Emperor please! :)

  4. Solo Oil would be good

    EPIC is SOLO

  5. IOF - Iofina looks an interesting story

  6. Hi Elite,

    Any further thoughts on PTR?