Oil and Gas Production Companies Comparison in Charts

Company results always make for an interesting read - Has the company made money, have revenues grown, what is the outlook for the company like? This is particularly important for Oil and Gas companies because they often have both exploration and production operations. The latter providing funds for the former. Having searched many websites, there isn't an easy way to compare companies in their financial aspects, thus I have created a range of charts illustrating the latest revenues, profits and other statistics available for mid-small cap oil and gas companies. I have defined the mid-small cap companies as having a market cap smaller than £350m. Covered by the research are 43 London listed oil and gas companies, all of which have production, some of which also have exploration operations. All statistics and details are valid as of 23/08/12 or 24/08/12 and figures are derived from FY (full year) Results 2011/2012 and the previous year (2010/2011). These have been converted to a base currency of the £. I hope this proves to be a useful, quick analysis that is currently unavailable elsewhere. Click the images to see a full sized- version.



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