Logo Competition (27/08/12)

Want a company of your choice reviewed? Here's your chance, Below is a logo of a company listed on the London Stock Exchange. I have removed some of the letters from its logo. The first person to correctly identify which company the logo belongs to will get their choice of company reviewed. To enter you need to put your entry into a comment below along with the company you would want reviewing.

E.g. Entry = Royal Bank of Scotland
       Company = Xstrata


HINT = Has 1 Core operations base in South Africa
HINT 2 = Has a 5 letter name and deals with a natural resource
CLOSED - Well Done to Bluetooth7 who has chosen Toumaz. The logo was for Mondi PLC

The competition will close within the next couple of days, or when the correct answer is found. If no correct answer is found, I will add hints to this page. The company will be reviewed on the week commencing 3rd September.

Good Luck!


  1. Never seen that logo before. Im going to have a look.

  2. Ditto that anon !

  3. I actually know this one! i have it in my pf!

    its mondi :)

    could i have TMZ